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Bankruptcy and tax attorney in Suwanee, GA

Edwin Glover, Attorney at Law provides tax law and bankruptcy law assistance to residents of Suwanee and its surrounding areas. His services revolve around providing relief for those facing tough debt and tax situations.

Edwin Glover provides tax law and bankruptcy law representation to residents of Lawrenceville/Suwanee and their surrounding areas. His services focus upon providing relief for those facing tough debt and or tax problems.

Mr. Glover has a Master of Law in tax from New York University Law School (the nation’s leading tax law program) and has been practicing law and helping clients for over 15 years.

Edwin Glover always works hard for his clients, no matter their financial situation or the complexity of their problems. Whether you’re facing a tax lien, a tax levy or tax audit, he can guide you through the process to a satisfactory resolution. He can provide the bankruptcy representation that will end your financial nightmare. If necessary, he can represent you in Tax Court, Bankruptcy Court or even Federal District Court in tax refund actions and trust fund penalty suits. As an attorney, instead of a CPA or Enrolled Agent, he can fully represent you no matter the nature of the problem you’re facing. .

Providing relief for your “taxing” situations

Edwin Glover, Attorney at Law provides assistance in the following financial areas:

Tax Law: IRS problems won’t go away on their own, no matter how much you hope they will. Let Edwin Glover, a tax lawyer in the Lawrenceville/Suwanee area, provide you with legal counsel so you can navigate through, and finally end, your IRS nightmare.

Bankruptcy Law: Debt piles up fast. Soon, you’re facing repossessions, foreclosure, and wage garnishments. Find relief through Edwin Glover, a Lawrenceville/Suwanee bankruptcy lawyer. He can work with you to find a fresh start for your life.

Tax Bankruptcy: The bankruptcy courts can discharge many tax obligations. For those in the Lawrenceville/Suwanee area, Edwin Glover has the experience in tax and bankruptcy law to help determine if bankruptcy is the best option to eliminate your outstanding tax debts.

Don’t let your current financial struggles get you down. Get back to normal with a lawyer that wants to get you there. If the creditors or the IRS (or both) have taken away the life you and your family deserve, call Edwin Glover, Attorney at Law to schedule your free initial consultation.

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